Our Beautiful Bay

We are lucky to sit in the epicenter of what makes Miami one of the most beautiful cities in the country: Biscayne Bay.

The 35 mile long and 8 mile wide shallow pool of freshwater mixed with ocean water brews Miami-only hues of blues and greens in its warm waters.

Segafredo Bayside is the launching and returning point for boat rides to explore numerous white-sanded beaches, low and high bridges, happening sandbars, crystal-clear waters and all the marine life they harbor.

While you figure out whether you want to catch the all-so-entertaining Pirate Boat directly to your left, the beautiful Island Queen Cruises to your right for some celebrity homes sightseeing or the adrenaline-shooting Thriller Boat Ride aboard the 50-mile an hour catamaran, we’ll serve you the best drinks in town!

Biscayne Bay is not only beautiful but it is so much fun too!