Your Fav Beats on Screen!

Segafredo hooks you up with the best DJs in town for all musical tastes every night of the week (check out our calendar below). But on Wednesdays, you choose the music and VJ Juan Carlos plays your favorite tunes! But not only do you choose the music, you also get to watch the matching song’s video.

Starting at 8pm, a large projection screen is lowered in front of Segafredo Lincoln Road and plays the all-time favorite music videos of any decade from any of the 4,000 titles we have in our booklet!

Remember A-Ha’s “Take Me On”? What about Madonna’s “Express Yourself”? Then there is Outkast’s “Hey Ya,” Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,”Tonight Tonight” by Smashing Pumkins and so many more classics.

It’s jukebox meets VJ meets movie night meets open format music, every Wednesday. We love it and you will to.